Areas of Interest


  • Analog and Digital Microelectronics
  • MEMS
  • Bioinstrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Intelligent Control
  • Microcontroller Industrial Applications

DSP & Modeling

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Filters
  • Energy Systems Modeling and Control


  • Optimizing Engineering Education
  • Evaluation of Electrical Engineering Education
  • New Technologies for Electrical Engineering Education

Research, Innovation and Tech Development Proposals

[2016] “Research about the effectiveness of interactive videos in engineering and cscience courses to improve the performance and engagement of students”, Proposal for Experimentation and Higher Education Innovation NOVUS 2016, teamwork with the following professors: Martha Sordia, Alejandro Parra, María Elena Dieck, Alfonso Avila, Juan M. Hinojosa, Rodolfo Anaya, Jesús A. Báez, Federico Guedea and Alfonso Serrano, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey campus, in revision for funding.
[2015] Project Workshop for Week-i (Semana-i innovation week at EITI), "Emergency First Response" or "Mi Gente Protegida porque soy Primer Respondiente", teawork with the following professors: Alfonso Avila Ortega, Jaime Martínez Garza, Jakeline Marcos Abed, Bertha L. García de La Paz, Alejandro Cervantes Villarreal, Juan Raúl Esparza, Antonio Mejorado Cavazos, Alejandra González Avila and María Elena Dieck Assad. In liaison with Secretaría de Desarrollo Social (Social Development Ministery) and Secretaría de Salud Pública (Public Health Ministery) from San Pedro, Nuevo León State Government. The workshop will be given to the students in Seprember 21 to 25 of 2015 at EGADE (Graduate School of Bussiness Administration).
[2014] Bioengineering Group with TEC-Salud, Development of microelectronic devices to implement SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulation) in heart failure patients. Team developed in coordination with Dr. Guillermo Torre Amione. EITI´s adscribed professors: Dr. José Gómez, Ing. Agustín Carvajal, Dr. Oscar Miranda, Ing. Juan Hinojosa, Dr. Antonio Favela and Dr. Graciano Dieck Assad (Coordinator).
[2013] ITESM-UNM Double Degree agreement for students doing their MS degree in Electronics Engineering.
[2011] ITESM-MOSIS Agreement to Access Integrated Circuit Fabrication Services through the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California, Approved in January 2011.
[2010] Commercial Prototype Development of the orthopedic cushion to prevent pressure ulcers, in colaboration with INMETECH for the innovation and technological innovation fund FONLIN, Spring and Summer of 2010.
[2007] Development of a multiplexed potentistat for C-MEMS multisensors, UC-MEXUS-CONACYT, in collaboration with Dr. Sergio O. Martínez, ITESM, Dr. J.C. LaRue, UC-Irvine, and Dr.Marc Madou, UC-Irvine. August 2007.
[2002] Development of a wireless electrode to sense and transmit biopotentials, Participation in the research proposal to CONACYT within the health and social security funding, November 29, 2002, Registration code: SALUD-2002-CO-01-8118.
[2002] Microsystems and Biomedical engineering, participation in the proposal for the research grant, ITESM, campus Monterrey, November 2002.
[2002] Navy Rocket: Design of a 2x50 in Navy rocket, its engine and solid fuels. Participation in the proposal presented to CONACYT within the Navy funding. Proposal presented by the company KINETICA, July 18,2002. Registration code: MARINA-2002-CO1-1246.
[2001] Microprocessor controlled Orthopedic Cushion to aid the handicapped persons. Presented to the San Jose Hospital and to Dr. Hernán Flores, Spring 2001
[2000] Development of a multipoint instrumentation system using the Anderson´s Loop, submitted for consideration to the Romulo Garza´s fund for innovation.
[1999] Development of a wireless electrode to sense brain signals in laboratory animals, granted by the Romulo Garza´s fund for innovation.
[1998] Redesign of the course "Instrumentation and Data Aquisition" for the graduate MS program on electronics systems at ITESM, funded.
[1998] Redesign of the course "Analog Integrated Circuits" for the undergraduate electronics and communications engineeering curriculum at ITESM, funded.
[1997] Collaborator in the proposal for CERREY, "Development of a computer simulation model of a boiler system to demonstrate stability of the drum level control system," funded.
[1997] Collaborator in the proposal for Bombaridier-Concarril, "Revision of the technical licitation for a possible contract for 28 metro train for the Mexico city collective transport system," pending.
[1997] Principal investigator on the proposal: "Redesigning the Electronics III course to match the requirements of the Mission to 2005 of ITESM," funded.
[1996] Principal investigator on the proposal to generate a book for the course of instrumentation and data acquisition systems: "Development of supporting strategies and a book prototype for teaching data acquisition systems," funded.
[1996] Collaborator in the proposal: "Developmento of didactic tools for supporting the fields and wave class," funded.
[1995] Collaborator in the proposal "Intelligent systems for manufacturing and process control," working group with Dr. J. M. Sánchez, R. Soto, A.J. Dieck, CONACYT, rejected on 1995.
[1995] Colaborator in the proposal to upgrade the Power electronics laboratory, funded.
[1995] Colaborator in the proposal, "Development of software tools to use DSP boards in the IEC program", funded.
[1995] Colaborator in the proposal: "Automation of an hydroponia greenhouse environment," funded.
[1994] Proposal to incorporate the professor Dr. Manuel Eduardo Macías, CONACYT (programa de repatriación año fiscal 1994), funded.
[1994] Proposal to Waterloo Maple Software: "Use of MAPLE V to support electromagnetic field courses," January 1994, funded.
[1993] Proposal to Analog Devices: "Creating a DSP lab for graduate level research and development, ITESM, campus Monterrey", November 1993, funded.
[1993] Proposal to ITESM about: "Symbolic computer simulation to enhance the undergraduate teaching of electromagnetic theory courses, funded.
[1993] Proposal to the Southwest Foundation For Environmental Research, "Development of a portable water purification system," Rejected.
[1993] Proposal to the United Nations program for development (PNUD), "Simulation of electromagnetic effects using symbolic math software running on workstations," Rejected.
[1992] Proposal to review the opportunity areas for enhancing the coordinated control of the Río Escondido coal firing stations. Principal investigators: Dr. Graciano Dieck and Dr. Rogelio Soto. Funded.
[1992] Proposal to develop Intelligent control of surgical rooms in hospitals at HSJ. Principal Investigators: Dr. Graciano Dieck and Ing. Alberto Malpica. Funded.
[1991] Vincent Bendix Award For Trinity University IEEE Student Branch, "Improving Communication For The Handicapped Using A Microprocessor Based System," Proposal supervision, FY 1991, funded.
[1990] Zenith Data Systems Co., "Using Speech Recognition and Synthesis in Software Development For Deaf Children Education," 1990 Zenith Masters Of Innovation Competition, Principal Investigator, rejected.
[1989] John Fluke MFG., Co. "The Use of Specialized Test Equipment For The Engineering Science Labs at Trinity University," Principal user of equipment, 1989. Funded.
[1989] Vincent Bendix Award for Trinity University IEEE Student Branch. Proposal organizer and supervisor, 1989. Funded.
[1988] Motorola Co., "Robotics Engineering using the IBM 7535 Robot", Principal investigator, funded.
[1988] NSF, Directorate Of Electrical Engineering, COMPENG/NONL SYS. Program, "Process Optimization Of Power Units When The Load And Load Rate Trajectories Are Known In Advance," Principal investigator, 1988, rejected
[1988] Vincent Bendix Award for Trinity University IEEE Student Branch. Proposal organizer and supervisor, 1988, funded.
[1988] Summer Stipend and Special Project Grant, Trinity University. "Development Of The Robotics Laboratory for Engineering Education," Principal investigator, Funded.
[1987] NSF-ILI: "Improvement Of The Electrical Engineering Labs To Support Design Projects In Robotics," Principal investigator, 1987. Rejected.
[1987] Packard Foundation:"Design And Use Of Microcomputer Software For Deaf Children Education," Principal investigator, 1988. Rejected.
[1987] NSF-RUI: "Simulation and Optimization Of Power Plants Using The Control Vector Parameterization Method," Principal investigator, 1988, rejected.
[1987] Summer Stipend and Special Project Grant, Trinity University. "Microcomputer Software Development For Deaf Children Education," Principal investigator 1987, funded.
[1986] Department Of Education: "Design and Use of Microcomputer Software For Deaf Children Education," Principal investigator, rejected.
[1986] Summer Stipend and Special Project Grants, Trinity University. "Design of an 'S' Detector System For Deaf Children Education," Principal investigator, funded.
[1986] Motorola Company. "Robotics Engineering Using The PUMA 560," Principal investigator and equipment user, funded.
[1986] NSF: "Simulation and Optimization Of Power Plants Using The Control Vector Parameterization Method," principal investigator, 1987. Rejected.
[1985] Department Of Education: "Designing of Teaching Aid Electronic Devices And Microcomputer Software Development For Teaching Deaf Children, Principal investigator, 1986, rejected.
[1984] Research associate with Dr. P. Giolma (PI) in the proposal to City of Austin Utilities: "The Effects Of Downsizing Residential A.C. Units on The Peak Demand For Summer Utility Loads." Funded.

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